[Exhibitor Interview] MEGA Gasket Industry: 40 Years of Commitment to MIT Quality and Safety


Date: March 22, 2022 Author: Exhibition Business Department

[AMPA 2022 eNews Letter Exhibitor Interview]

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The market advantages and strategies 

MEGA Gasket Industry Co., Ltd., located in the industrially underdeveloped city of Yuanlin, Changhua County, Taiwan, has always adhered to its original mission of contributing to the development of its hometown. They employ a significant number of local residents from Changhua and continuously improve the working environment and enhance company benefits. Their hope is to make a modest contribution to their roots, helping the hometown prosper and develop.


MEGA specializes in the aftermarket industry, with a core philosophy of providing quality products at affordable prices while offering customized services. They prioritize product quality and safety to provide customers with a one-stop solution that combines competitiveness in the market and brand value.


MEGA's goal is to become one of the primary brands in the automotive aftermarket industry. Their strength lies in their 40-year accumulation of Asian-made engine gasket repair kits. They excel in producing small quantities of diverse and intricate products, helping customers address issues related to excessive inventory. They also specialize in providing custom gasket materials and thickness for older vehicles or engines that require multiple repairs, making maintenance more convenient and cost-effective.


Global After-Pandemic Era Market Strategies for 2022 in the Automotive Aftermarket (AM) Sector

The focus for this year remains on customization of comprehensive repair kits and post-sales services. Customization is tailored to the varying conditions in the aftermarket sector of different countries, making it easier for customers to promote their products actively and inquire about post-sales performance. This approach allows for more information to be gathered for adjustments, ultimately enhancing the overall service quality.


Link Lin, Vice General Manager, stated during the interview that MEGA's strategy for 2022 is to solidify their presence in the markets where they have existing agency agreements. If the pandemic situation improves, they will continue with their plans to expand into the Southeast Asian market, which were originally set for 2020. However, if the situation remains unstable, they will take a more conservative approach to manage the company. They will strive to collaborate with trading partners to promote MEGA's brand, enabling each party to focus on their respective strengths and creating a win-win situation. The aim is to maintain a stable supply chain, overcome port congestion risks, address potential shortages in raw materials, and deal with the impact of inflation, thus preserving the company's longstanding advantages.


MEGA Gasket has been in Taiwan for over 40 years, with products that are 100% manufactured in Taiwan. They have built long-term partnerships with many Taiwanese manufacturers. Additionally, they have been operating their two primary brands, MEGA GASKET and SUPERSEAL GASKET, for over 20 years. They prioritize product quality, emphasizing that they do not compromise on materials, even in the face of price competition in the aftermarket. Safety considerations are their top priority.


Learn more about the advanced technologies and high-quality products of MEGA Gasket Industry Co., Ltd.

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Source : [展商採訪] 美佳交通工業:40年的MIT品質與安全性堅持